Deadline is 1st of August 2024


  • Poetry
  • Illustration;
  • Painting (painting, graphics);
  • Art photography;


  1. Participation in the contest is free for Guild members;
  2. Applications will be accepted until July 1, 2023;
  3. A current membership in the Eurasian Creative Guild (London) is a MUST. In case you are not a member of the Guild, you can register on the Guild website;
  4. You may submit your work in the «Poetry» and «Visual Arts» directions simultaneously;
  5. There is no limit to the subject matter of the works. No violent, pornographic or abusive materials are allowed;
  6. The organizing committee reserves the right to reject an application for participation without explaining the reasons. If an entry is rejected, a notification will be sent to the email address specified in the entry.
  7. Interviews of the finalists with members of the Executive Committee of the Guild are mandatory;
  8. The results of the contest will be summed up at the festival* Voices of Friends in Borovoe (Kazakhstan);
  9. Exclusive copyright to all works sent to the contest belongs to the authors of the works. A participant who submits a work whose author is not the author, shall be fully liable in accordance with the legislation of Great Britain to the owner of the exclusive copyright for the submitted text.
  10. The works are published on the website of the contest on the basis of the data indicated in the questionnaires. Since the project is non-commercial and has no permanent administrators to handle the numerous entries, it is not possible to remove or modify them at your request. If deletion is critical for you, the contest administration can use the services of third parties, namely web administrators. In this case, you will need to make a one-time payment of £10 for this service.

*We remind you that participation in the festival is not a requirement, but increases your chances of winning.

Only works by members of the Eurasian Creative Guild (London) will be published on the site and sent for evaluation by the professional jury. Applicants who are not members of the Eurasia Creative Guild can join one of the available membership categories.

ALTERNATIVE PARTICIPATION OPTION* is possible for all categories for the period until December 1, 2023 if you fulfil the task of the organising committee (write a review), Details can be obtained by sending a request to vf2022@gorizonti.com or by writing to us at +44 7903 837 823 (whats app).

* Provided only for first time participants in ECG (London) competitions.


STEP 1: Fill out the participant form

STEP 2: Submit your work

E-mail for sending your work: vf2022@gorizonti.com. Subject: Poetry. Your Surname First Name.

Don’t forget to attach it to the letter:

— 1 to 5 poems (1000 to 1500 words) for publication on the contest website. (in .docx format)

— full text of the poem (if you have a collection)

— a good quality photo of the author for publishing on the site (in .jpg format). Only the author may appear on the photo.


The Poetry category accepts from 1 to 30 poems.

Works are accepted in Russian, English, Azerbaijani, Armenian, Belarusian, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Romanian, Tajik, Tatar, Turkmen, Uzbek, Ukrainian, and Yakut.

Works previously published in English in anthologies or other publications will NOT be accepted.

One week after submitting, check the site for work in the appropriate category and enjoy the glory.


STEP 1: Fill out the participant form

The category accepts from 1 to 5 works.

STEP 2: Send your artwork

E-mail for sending work: vf2022@gorizonti.com. Subject: Painting. Your Surname and First Name.

Don’t forget to attach it to the letter:

— 1 to 5 illustrations for publication on the contest website. (in .jpg and png format)

— a good quality photo of the author for publishing on the site (in .jpg format). The photo must show only the author.


Photo work requirements:

format: JPG, PNG;

no blurring, clear;

without the use of filters and other digital image processing tools (except art photography);

the size of the original, except for digital photos (the physical size of the object WITHOUT the frame / stand and other devices): not less than 500 mm on the short side for flat works, not less than 50 mm on the smallest of the measurements for volumetric works;

photo resolution: 300 dpi;